Hey there! I’m Emanuele. The purpose of this website is to share my (mostly!) Japanese memorabilia collection with the world and help others gather information on their favorite collectibles from video games, manga and even movies. I started collecting over 10 years ago and I still spend hours every day browsing Japanese auctions, so I know how difficult it can be to find information, prices or even pictures of niche items. Even though I saved many pictures of rare items (from auctions, online stores and boards) over the years, this website will contain only items I personally own, so that I can provide as many details as possible (pictures, origins and more). When I started this site, I aimed to create individual pages for every single item in my collection, but then I realized it would have been more organized and helpful if I simply displayed all the items from my collection in specific pages and divided per set/series. I also plan on posting regularly with updated gets, wants and things I have coming. Have fun!

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