What I Collect

I mostly collect memorabilia from the franchises I grew up with. They range from videogames, movies and manga. When I started purchasing items from Japan, I wasn’t very picky and ended up buying even things from franchises that I only remotely liked (as you can see from the picture below, which features the staircase of my house, filled with items that I don’t collect anymore or that I happened to find in lots). A few months later, I realized that it was taking energies and funds away from what I truly love and enjoy, so I decided to fully reorganize my collection and only keep the things I love the most. Making decisions is a big part of collecting, sadly…
I tend to be a completionist (this means that I usually try to get all the items in a specific set/line), but there are some exceptions, where I only buy what I like. I love cute and chibified characters and plushes. My most treasured possessions are my Pokedoll plushes and every related merch, but I also love the 2001 Animal Crossing+ line, the Kirby 64 collection, Sanei plushes in general and everything Jimmy & Patty. I’m not picky when it comes to the item conditions, but I have some rules: I want the tag if it features unique artwork/design, I only collect Japanese Pokedolls and I usually want the original package for keychains/charms/pins/badges.

A list of the franchises I collect:
Animal Crossing
Super Mario
Yoshi’s Island
Fire Emblem (up to Wii RD, never really enjoyed the recent games sadly)
Story of Seasons
Detective Conan
Hunter x Hunter
Dragon Ball
Harry Potter
Sanrio Jimmy & Patty and Marron Cream

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